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This pod system takes its name from lead product designer Phil Hooton. Hoozone has improved acoustic development (rated at 36dB noise reduction) and updated aesthetic architecture. To achieve the improved acoustics it has 22mm double glazed panels, 8mm glazed doors, 55mm sound absorbing upholstered panels and 52mm sound absorbing ceiling tiles. The holistic design includes an integrated facilities arch housing the PIR operated LED strip lighting and air circulation systems, ideal for achieving the client’s agile working goals. Alongside the benefit of flexibility, with Hoozone being able to be manufactured to any millimetre increment and with a dedicated new colourful RAL palette to bring softer, calming colours into the workspace, it will be the perfect personalised addition for collaborative spaces.

  • Designed to any millimetre height, width or depth allowing full adaptability.

  • Acoustically tested to BSEN ISO 140 and rated at 36dB noise reduction (Technical report ref no: C/24307/T01).

  • Mix and match panel finishes available on each wall.

  • Multiple framework finishes available.

  • 55mm sound absorbing upholstered panels.

  • 22mm double glazed glass panels.

  • 8mm glass door.

  • 52mm sound absorbing ceiling panels upholstered in light grey.

  • Integrated ceiling cover included as standard.

  • Integrated facilities arch included as standard housing lighting system.

  • PIR operated, high output – low voltage, diffused, dual LED strip lighting included as standard.

  • Air circulation fan available with 216m3/h airflow.

  • Flush mounted modules available with power, charge, data, HDMI, VGA and other options.


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