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Decorative and inspiring artwork or furniture can be introduced to the working environment to improve employee well-being. To meet this demand we have designed a new range of acoustic panels and desk screens specially made from PET, a material which is manufactured from recycled sources and has a great environmental story. PET is also naturally sound absorbing so whilst refreshing an office environment you can help reduce reverberation at the same time. Our range features intricate safari themed and geometric angular baffles – all of which are designed by Era.

  • Frameless sound absorbing baffles/screens.

  • Desk mounted screens have a 50mm radius on top corners as standard.

  • Available as ceiling hung baffles or desk mounted screens.

  • Ceiling hung baffles supplied with ceiling wire fixing kits as standard.

  • Available in a variety of colours.

  • PET is 12mm thick.

  • Each PET desk mounted screens are supplied with a pair of brackets to suit 25mm thick desktops.

  • Materials acoustically tested to ASTM C423-17 with NRC 0.40 (Technical report ref no: RAL-A18-336)


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